In the bright sunshine, an angel was born in golden light, away from the paradise, but a wonderful delight. The early days were pure and playfull, like hovering clouds, in the blue skies.… Continue reading

Kahin To. . . .

In raaton ki gehraaiyon mein kuchh dard sa hai, Agli subaah mein kuchh fark sa hai. Bebas ho jaata hai woh din, Jab log har subah jaagte hain, apni chingaari uss khaat par… Continue reading


When life starts with a happy song, there’s a family smiling all along. While we are young and wanna play, there is peace in the night, and a carefree day. When my friends… Continue reading

Into the Wild: Book

INTO THE WILD Author: Jon Krakauer I, so want to write about this book and most importantly SHARE this with the people around. “This research novel (and the movie) is based on a… Continue reading

Dark Side!

Those lonely days, cannot be caged. After some thunder, it only rains. One fine day, while it was dark, it thundered and it rained. It was you, I had no clue. Everything went… Continue reading


I started to grow dull, everything I did, went null. restlessness now rested in my skull, all my heart wanted now, was a soothing lull. Day in, night out. Dark thoughts, I used… Continue reading

The Room

In my room, I talk it is the room for development, where the words I can chalk, on the empty walls. Empty walls but, never they fall, and stay awake uptil night, to… Continue reading


Kabhi hoti hai zindagi mein subah aisi, Subah woh, Jo ban jaaye ek raat, Ek raat woh, Jo rahegi ab saath, Ek saath woh, Jahaa ho sab tanhaa, Tanhaa woh, Jahaan koi hai… Continue reading

Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye to Kya hai ?

Yun to hai ek duniya, khwaahishon se bani, aur khwaabon se pali. Jiski Haqeeqat ki buniyaad, hai zara hili-dhuli. Hain chehre kai, Jo waaqif nahi, Duniya ki daud mein, log apne nahi. Sab lardte hai jung din aur… Continue reading

Are We Really Free ?

                                                           Sitting in my balcony… Continue reading