The Curse

The Curse. Touching you I catch midnight. An agony of separation, A howl infinite. – Kabir Malik © 2016 Advertisements

The Other Dimension

The Other Dimension. The hours before, I lie passionless. The hours after, I die dreamless. Touching you I catch midnight, silencing realms, I make an escape.  – Kabir Malik © 2016


Unleashed. Touching you I catch midnight. The silver lining of my wings gleam once again. Shining, they spread. Unleashing a soul to its flight. -Kabir Malik © 2016


Quiet yet engulfing flames, the fire I am, burning down forests. Wild currents gushing , the tide I am, thrashing against rocks. A spark of madness, the lightening bolt I am, thunder of… Continue reading

Story Of My Soul

If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked alone. My morality seeping through my veins which my heart pumped till the last breath of my life until they corrupted me… Continue reading

She is Near

This poem evolved from of a line by Oscar Wilde, ‘Tread lightly, she is near, under the snow’ from the poem “Requiescat”                      … Continue reading


Sold. Passion of the flesh or a soul’s lust. Silencing infidelity with a hollow transaction. – Kabir Malik © 2016

Green Field.

This was the venue for our today’s Poets’ meet. A sunshine Sunday and some beautiful souls reciting great poems. Lovely. The venue is Deer Park and when I reached the  particular spot I… Continue reading


Grandchild. Luxuries subside of the golden days, An old man watches TV, remote not in his hand. – Kabir Malik © 2016


Mother. Love received daily is forgotten easily. To ageing deeds, my sacrifices shout. – Kabir Malik ©2016