Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil Like hope, a burning lantern hovers in the dark. While slumber sneaks to meet the dawn. – Kabir Malik ©/ 12.05.2016 Advertisements


Checkmate. Not black, not white. Monochromic warp snared me. In another dimensions, Fallen, I bleed. – Kabir Malik ©/ 12.05.2016


Reflections. Echo of my desires reverberates inside vault of my dreams. – Inception of a longing chase. ~ Kabir Malik ©/ 11.05.2016 

Archer’s Arrow ———>

This poem evolved out of the line – “But like love the archers are blind” from the poem ‘Before The Dawn’ by Federico Garcia Lorca. Archer’s Arrow ———> Blinded by innocence I missed… Continue reading


This poem evolved out of the line ‘Return before it’s too late’ from the poem ‘Wake’, by Ampat Koshy. O creature of the troubled past! Burdened by destiny, but it may not last.… Continue reading


This poem was written by me while enjoying some trance music while I was enjoying at a cafe. Totally happened in flow.  Dare walk alone, Take a stance. Relax. . . . .… Continue reading


This poem evolved out of the line “My heart moves from cold to fire.” from one of the poems by Pablo Neruda. “In the bleak moments of life, the bygones, or the ones… Continue reading

Now, I see you!

Slipping down the morning leaf, like a dewdrop, I feel you. My love is that brisk moment, when a tiny thorn pricks my finger –Oh! I touch you. That passion in intense kisses,… Continue reading


“Now, let me just play. I am here to stay. For the first time ever, There’s nothing I have to say I just want to breathe, feel and sway back and forth to… Continue reading

Leap of Faith

Jagged from my slumber, I woke up to a dry throat. Trying to hone my senses at 5.36 am, 29th Feburary it is. To a distant tick-tock of an old clock, My hand… Continue reading