Kiss Of Death – Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes, In void of inevitability, A phenomenon occurs… Somewhere In abyss, I exist, My soul, suctioned. – Kabir Malik ©/ 21.07.2016 Advertisements

How I quit engineering and became a travel writer-photographer

Originally posted on Soliloquies of a wanderer:
Five years ago, I dared to dream. In 2011, I was a computer engineer gulping cupfuls of machine-spewed instant coffee at an IT company while pondering a…


Caressing your cold flesh, I infuse the poison of lust from my lips onto yours. . . The whispers we exchange, playing the music of  faint echoes, ear to ear. . . The… Continue reading


Most conversations in an elevator. – Kabir Malik 12.06.2016

A Longing, Forever. . .

The lines I instantly wrote after watching the movie ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’ back to back. It was 5.00 in the morning.  – Kabir Malik (12th June, 2016) 


– Kabir Malik ©/ 03.06.2016

Tangible Memories

Listen to the sound of memories as water gushes against rocks, on the seashore Or, touch them, with your grey, pale, wrinkled fingertips as you brush away dust off tangible, priceless pieces. They will wither into ashes… Continue reading


Flashbacks These junctures, they intersect with departed memories of stationed pasts. – Kabir Malik  ©/ 14.05.2016

Apple Of My Eye

Dearest Mommy, Look, mom, how I fly. Entangled wings beneath my cry. Canvas painted with innocence of ‘I’. Filled with colours, but only dry. Naive feelings touch me, but I’m shy. Albeit, like the world, I… Continue reading

The Stranger

The Stranger A moment brisked  as the flesh felt  a familiar touch, smeared in that blaze of your warmth! – Kabir Malik ©/ 17.05.2016