“इन आँखों में . . . .

“इन आँखों में मेरे ग़म अब सूख गए हैं, अतीत के वो बंजर लम्हें हम भूल गए हैं. . .” ©/ Kabir Malik Advertisements

अभी वक़्त बाकी है. . .

“अभी वक़्त बाकी है,  ये ज़िन्दगी के लम्हे जो   आहिस्ता–आहिस्ता बीत रहे हैं  इनमे कुछ ख्वाब जल कर राख हो गए,  तो कुछ अरमान अभी–अभी   सुलग गए मेरे सीने में ।   मैंने रंगो में नहीं,  मौसमों में बिताई है अपनी दुनिया,  कभी बारिश में भीगा हूँ,  तो कभी बारिश से बचाता लाया हूँ, अपनी कश्ती, कागज़ की।   गर भीग जाती ये उस बारिश में,  तो मैं डूब जाता  या फिर मेरे ख्वाब नम पड़ जाते,  बेजान वो ख्वाब,   बस एक ख्वाब बनकर रह जाते।   ये तूफान का गहरा शोर भी   मेरी बबेज़ुबां आवाज़ को दबा देता हैं,  मानो, आहिस्ता-आहिस्ता गर्दन  कटती महसूस होती… Continue reading

Chronicles of a Tomb

“My facade lives through eerie seasons, In loyalty, they come with treasons. Distorting with each passing century, An indignation now confines my fury. Of impotent beliefs, long rests a grave inside. Faint echoes… Continue reading

Echoes Of A Tombstone

An ode to someone who lost a heroic battle to cancer at a very young age yet had a great impact on the life of people around. Although, I had not known her, but… Continue reading

I write poems because . . .

” I write poems because I have seen the ocean.  Where beneath,  rests a shipwreck of emotions, pestering the seabed of my dreams, putrefying its own soul. I write poems because I have seen… Continue reading

Keeper of the Memories

​”Sometimes, I wonder how moments are forged into memories. Sometimes, while sitting in a corner, reclined to the essence of a nostalgic day, I think what if there was a way I could… Continue reading

The Fate of a Story

“Each magnificent story ends in a wreckage. The only question – how should fate work for such stories? Should they end in debris before your time or, long after your time? How do… Continue reading


​”These moments of life that I am living now will be soon withered into smoke of memories as this plain, dark night conzumes each single particle of time in itself to preserve it… Continue reading

Glory of a beautiful soul

My heart goes out to this young, brave girl who left for the other side of the world hours back, for forever.  I have not known her personally, but there are many friends… Continue reading


To and fro, The pendulum controls my iris. Wearing out to the shades of life and memories. Emotions erode, Numbness takes over. Inside my head rings, Nothingness. . . .   To two-a-clicks,… Continue reading