India has always been a fascinating land of Gods and different people from varied cultures have worshiped their Gods in endless ways over the centuries, which is intriguing. But, the thought which crossed… Continue reading


Dil me dafn ek dard hai, Hai wo khaamoshi. Zubaan pe jo lafz naa aaye, Hai wo khaamoshi. Jab aankho mein ho nami, ek waisi bhi hai khaamoshi. Jahaan baste the sapney kabhi,… Continue reading

Main to bas jeena chahta hoon.

Hui Raftaar kuchh zindagi ki aisi, ki din aur raat ka faasla nahi dikhta, ki khwaabon ka aasmaan nahi dikhta. Kabhi urdha karte the khayaalon mein, Aaj Dafn hai sawaalon mein. Kabhi jazbaat… Continue reading

The Boy Who Lived On. . .

( I wrote this piece of work when the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series released. A thought flashed by that it was an end to ‘The’ Harry Potter world and… Continue reading

The Journey begins Now!

This is now my time to get going. And, off I start out of nowhere with blogging. There is this fire to become something. And, there is this passion which is re-born. There… Continue reading