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Life is to Travel … To Travel is to Life!!!

A few days back, my dearest cousin, with whom I share a great connection, gifted me the most thought-out gift ever – a fountain pen and a travel diary. What could have been… Continue reading

Age Old Friendship

“ताउम्र मिसालें दी मैंने, तुमने इस नायाब दोस्ती की.. ये वक्त की बंदिशें हैं, जो आज इस छड़ी तले दबी है मेरी बेबसी .. – तुम अस्पताल का बिस्तर छोड़ जल्दी घर आ… Continue reading

Echoes Of A Tombstone

An ode to someone who lost a heroic battle to cancer at a very young age yet had a great impact on the life of people around. Although, I had not known her, but… Continue reading

Glory of a beautiful soul

My heart goes out to this young, brave girl who left for the other side of the world hours back, for forever.  I have not known her personally, but there are many friends… Continue reading

How I quit engineering and became a travel writer-photographer

Originally posted on Soliloquies of a wanderer:
Five years ago, I dared to dream. In 2011, I was a computer engineer gulping cupfuls of machine-spewed instant coffee at an IT company while pondering a…

The Last One

I just watched the last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Gonna stay and stuck here for a while now; and alone 😥 To Monika, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel. Goodbye!

Love Big

Carisa, I find myself lucky to come across your blog. You are the most amazing and humble person here who encourages me to write more and more. The one who reads all my… Continue reading

The Light at the end of the tunnel!

It really feels great when you are encouraged and appreciated for pursuing what you love (especially when you are naive and just a beginner) by some beautiful souls who came across randomly and… Continue reading

Into the Wild: Book

INTO THE WILD Author: Jon Krakauer I, so want to write about this book and most importantly SHARE this with the people around. “This research novel (and the movie) is based on a… Continue reading