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Lost Treasure

Accustomed to pain, lies a past in dreads of destiny Lost in subtle metaphor resides my agony, hopes afar.  Adjourning my confined fears, procuring the abandoned strength, I long for a treasured happiness .… Continue reading


Murder. A few slayed dreams, lie on my bed. Those wrinkled sheets — the evidence of their death. – Kabir Malik ©/16.10.2016


To and fro, The pendulum controls my iris. Wearing out to the shades of life and memories. Emotions erode, Numbness takes over. Inside my head rings, Nothingness. . . .   To two-a-clicks,… Continue reading

Kiss Of Death – Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes, In void of inevitability, A phenomenon occurs… Somewhere In abyss, I exist, My soul, suctioned. – Kabir Malik ©/ 21.07.2016


Most conversations in an elevator. – Kabir Malik 12.06.2016

A Longing, Forever. . .

The lines I instantly wrote after watching the movie ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’ back to back. It was 5.00 in the morning.  – Kabir Malik (12th June, 2016) 


Flashbacks These junctures, they intersect with departed memories of stationed pasts. – Kabir Malik  ©/ 14.05.2016

The Stranger

The Stranger A moment brisked  as the flesh felt  a familiar touch, smeared in that blaze of your warmth! – Kabir Malik ©/ 17.05.2016 

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil Like hope, a burning lantern hovers in the dark. While slumber sneaks to meet the dawn. – Kabir Malik ©/ 12.05.2016


Checkmate. Not black, not white. Monochromic warp snared me. In another dimensions, Fallen, I bleed. – Kabir Malik ©/ 12.05.2016