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Life is to Travel … To Travel is to Life!!!

A few days back, my dearest cousin, with whom I share a great connection, gifted me the most thought-out gift ever – a fountain pen and a travel diary. What could have been… Continue reading

Keeper of the Memories

​”Sometimes, I wonder how moments are forged into memories. Sometimes, while sitting in a corner, reclined to the essence of a nostalgic day, I think what if there was a way I could… Continue reading

The Fate of a Story

“Each magnificent story ends in a wreckage. The only question – how should fate work for such stories? Should they end in debris before your time or, long after your time? How do… Continue reading


​”These moments of life that I am living now will be soon withered into smoke of memories as this plain, dark night conzumes each single particle of time in itself to preserve it… Continue reading