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(This particular poem is very special to me and so is this title. This poem is a reflection of my thoughts on the life I want to choose and live. This happened after… Continue reading

Fountain Of Youth

“Heightened transparency of my character invaded the hollowness I propagated out of a tainted marriage. Of my belief in loyalty, I sipped poison from the Fountain of Youth to restore bygones of chasm,… Continue reading


Subconsciously, she penetrated my innocence, excavated my feelings, poured her poison in my blood, And set ablaze my fantasies. While she performed her catastrophic ceremonies, I married her soul . . . –… Continue reading

Chronicles of a Tomb

“My facade lives through eerie seasons, In loyalty, they come with treasons. Distorting with each passing century, An indignation now confines my fury. Of impotent beliefs, long rests a grave inside. Faint echoes… Continue reading

Echoes Of A Tombstone

An ode to someone who lost a heroic battle to cancer at a very young age yet had a great impact on the life of people around. Although, I had not known her, but… Continue reading

I write poems because . . .

” I write poems because I have seen the ocean.  Where beneath,  rests a shipwreck of emotions, pestering the seabed of my dreams, putrefying its own soul. I write poems because I have seen… Continue reading


Caressing your cold flesh, I infuse the poison of lust from my lips onto yours. . . The whispers we exchange, playing the music of  faint echoes, ear to ear. . . The… Continue reading

Tangible Memories

Listen to the sound of memories as water gushes against rocks, on the seashore Or, touch them, with your grey, pale, wrinkled fingertips as you brush away dust off tangible, priceless pieces. They will wither into ashes… Continue reading

Apple Of My Eye

Dearest Mommy, Look, mom, how I fly. Entangled wings beneath my cry. Canvas painted with innocence of ‘I’. Filled with colours, but only dry. Naive feelings touch me, but I’m shy. Albeit, like the world, I… Continue reading

Archer’s Arrow ———>

This poem evolved out of the line – “But like love the archers are blind” from the poem ‘Before The Dawn’ by Federico Garcia Lorca. Archer’s Arrow ———> Blinded by innocence I missed… Continue reading