(This particular poem is very special to me and so is this title. This poem is a reflection of my thoughts on the life I want to choose and live. This happened after my solo trip to Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh in March 2016.)

One day, my name will be lost,
long after I’m gone.
Or, may I play a game, flip a toss?

To the world that I know, shall I give a name?
A name forever?
Or, should I stick to the pact,
I made with my soul?  

A journey to discover a space
longs within me,
of living an imagined life
with two ends.

one shall not meet the other, ever.
But, a price has to be paid,
either now or in days to come.

And where,
A life can be lived either now or
long after I am gone.

– Kabir Malik
©/ 06.04.2016