Echoes Of A Tombstone

Love and Loss (Angled)
An ode to someone who lost a heroic battle to cancer at a very young age yet had a great impact on the life of people around. Although, I had not known her, but the news had a great impact on me too. This one goes out to her –
“She whispers from the realms of time,
her heavenly smile, the stories she mime.
With a few dreams etched on her tombstone,
rests beneath the desires she owned.
The graveyard echoes with the braveheart’s battle,
timeless tales reborn in an eternal cradle. 
A husky quietness rustles the souls she had touched,
within warm hearts, a despair submerged.
Seeing a green leaf falling, turning pale.

I realize, she lives on to tell the tale.”

– Kabir Malik
September 2016

(Using the prompt – “He lives to tell the tale” by Ranjit Hoskote from the poem – “To Name A Sea”)