Glory of a beautiful soul

My heart goes out to this young, brave girl who left for the other side of the world hours back, for forever. 

I have not known her personally, but there are many friends to whom she is an inspiration, a dear one. 

How can one be so full of life, so selfless, so loving that just two days before her final call, being in immense suffering and pain, she asked for help for another soul?

How moving!

She herself was in need of blood and yet such concern and love for another fellow in a situation like that.

How could I even think that ‘God is kind’?

I learned about her story, her journey, her battle, her passion (journalism) today and all I have for her, is respect.
She has touched many souls and lived her life like a true warrior with her head held up high, and this certainly is not her defeat to Cancer. Just an end to this excruciating battle. 

Her story shall continue to touch and inspire many lives for a very long time.

For now, may she be in a much better place.

To her friends and family, my deep condolences. May you find enough strength to hold on at this dark hour.

To the pure soul – love, respect and honour. 

Rest in peace.