maxresdefaultThis poem evolved out of the line ‘Return before it’s too late’ from the poem ‘Wake’, by Ampat Koshy.

O creature of the troubled past!

Burdened by destiny, but it may not last.
For, it is your will,
and solely your will,
to flee from the hounds of fate,
a life within you is at stake.
Blemished, torn, pierced by darkness,
concealing inside a tormented resentfulness.
Nevertheless, you dare not donned a veil,
protecting your beliefs, dreams surreal.
Falling for one after another bait,
Tranquilized, you no more fixate.
High up in the sky, you now fly alone,
Out of the reach to be hit by a stone.
Choosing to detach from thy roots,
Unknowingly discarding your attributes.
Burning your own wings gradually by hate,
O naive bird! Return before it’s too late.

~ Kabir Malik
©/ 22.04.2016