12871474_10153759997773153_5998676240890338555_nThis poem was written by me while enjoying some trance music while I was enjoying at a cafe. Totally happened in flow. 

Dare walk alone,
Take a stance.
Relax. . . . .
Listen to the beat.
Feel. That. Beat. . .
Be. That. Beat. . .

It’s all a Maya, a smoke.
Lying like a trap
besides your Moksha.

Deep down inside,
rests a hollow space,
of what, but old days.
But you can enter
the time’s tunnel,
to follow your light,
& break those shackles.

Walk Alone,
There’s no such horizon,
only an imposed illusion.

The time too is a myth,
So, loosen your grip
and take that fall,
fall into the Music,
It may be your only chance,
to enter a state of trance. . . .

– Kabir Malik
©| 25.03.2016