This poem evolved out of the line “My heart moves from cold to fire.” from one of the poems by Pablo Neruda.

“In the bleak moments of life,
the bygones,
or the ones that now I say,
the bright ones,
lies a tale, now long gone.


The onset of a new feeling,
met it’s horizon as soon as it was born.
In those bleak moments of life,
–the bygones.


When the winds first rushed in my heart,
and a smile that was meant to last,
My naiveness was ready to chuck the past,
Oh! In a new beginning, I was drowning so fast.


It was uncalled for,
Yet, you brewed life in me,
Neither the first touch nor the first kiss,
But, ‘that’ hello,
pierced me seamlessly.


The heart knew no love then,
For, it aged only moments.
And, as I read from the archives
Nevertheless, like then, even now,
My heart moves from cold to fire.”

~ Kabir Malik
©/ 09.04.2016