“Now, let me just play.
I am here to stay.
For the first time ever,
There’s nothing I have to say
I just want to breathe, feel and sway
back and forth to the music
or perhaps, with the wind.

Let me just absorb light.
I want my heart to glow,
as it was always meant to be so.
There is not a speck of life without it,
Better late, but now I know.
Dim, distant or aloof,
Like a star in a twilight.

Let me enjoy this absolute stillness,
my calling lies far off in the wilderness
or in the distant blankness.
A journey within is a long one,
full of discovery and sightedness.
To it’s end, lies the beginning,
Where you meet ‘The One’
Reborn, in a cradle!”

– Kabir Malik
©/ 25.03.2016