She is Near

This poem evolved from of a line by Oscar Wilde, ‘Tread lightly, she is near, under the snow’ from the poem “Requiescat”

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Embryo’s Rest.
Snug in slumber, she is near, hovering with care, love and warmth.

Toddler’s Step.
Play vexing mischiefs, she is near, exasperated, yet excited.

Child’s Quest.
Cuddle with joy, she is near, sowing the seeds of character in your heart’s slots.

Adolescent’s Zest.
Rebel with naivety, she is near, handling the outburst of your thoughts.

Marriage’s Nest.
Fiddle between family and work, she is near, wrapping your promises with care.

Wounds Vest.
Shovel with ignorance, she is near, isolating the young memories that are spare.

Time to Rest.
Long gone with the winter breeze,
her essence still breathes,
The onus on her breast,
was yours, if you know.
Tread lightly, she is still near, under the snow.

– Kabir Malik