This poem revolves around the legendary poet E. E. Cummings’s line “As small as a world and as large as alone”

| Society |

“Day after day, I live life of a drone,
controlled by the society
only to be disowned.
Blindly following a deity
detached from my own.
Gathering little courage
I decide to be flown.

So, I break my shackles
and abandon myself
far into the wild
where my thoughts
and I are alone.
Travelling in a caravan
with misty memories,
this solitude is my abode.

Forgotten in my state of bliss,
it’s been long that I’ve felt a kiss
drenched in my unshared happiness,
I have lost my family
and those dear friends.

Stuck at this cold, dead end
nearing my time
I realize over the days
that are gone,
I am
as small as a world
and as large as alone. . .”

– Kabir Malik