One Happy Home :)


Money is binding things together,
with greed knitting for forever.
Its an ignorant fact,
and not a clever act,
to acquire these possessions,
and surrender life’s sessions.


Striving for luxuries,
Updated technologies,
burdened responsibilities,
I-phone sixes,
All nothing,
But jinxes.


They all come with a price tag,
where we leave our lives to lag,
working hard for money,
while relations stay stranded,
to fill the gap!

Escalating efforts,
Time Terminated,
Hollowed happiness,
Love Littered,
Frenzied Friendships,
Exploited Emotions,
Robotic Routine,
What a chaotic scene!

But, This is not the face of life,
to go berserk,
In the directions unknown.
Before the candle gets blown,
and before this life subside,
May some realize,
that happiness lies in the mere things.
Its the only way that heart sings!

When an unknown soul helps another soul.
When you and your soulmate enjoy a night stroll.

When you wake up with a smile,
listening to birds chirping by the window side.

When inside you ignites a gleam,
that follows your dream.

When you walk freely on the green grass,
and you do not care to turn the hourglass.

When you share those moments of togetherness,
to cherish old memories,
and play golden melodies.


And when,
this essence,
has spread its fragrance all over,
I do not wish to find a four-leaf clover,
I have had my everything,
I have grown old,
and I am not alone,
I have family, friends
and a,
One Happy Home!

~Kabir Malik
15th-16th October, 2015