Into the Wild: Book

Author: Jon Krakauer


I, so want to write about this book and most importantly SHARE this with the people around.

“This research novel (and the movie) is based on a true journey of a young man from a well-to-do family who understood the materialistic world and its masked relations, left it and hitchhiked all along to Alaska, walks Into The Wild.”

This book and the movie has struck a chord somewhere deep inside me about the meaning of life and has ignited a lot of thoughts in me, since then. A book that is so carefully written with such sheer essence and feelings present in the heart of an individual/author, with all the facts and research work brilliantly placed and directed wherein somewhere, every chapter gives you goosebumps if you feel it, live it.

It will be one of the most treasured, priceless possession I will ever own.
This is one book that I intend to read many times in my life, a book that I never wanted to end for me.

The author has all my respect for the efforts he made and what he gave this world is not a mere book, but a piece of his heart.
A book one must not miss to read!

I am at phase in life where everything will be changing for me soon.
I will get rid off some of my shackles which has kept me trapped for almost a decade now.
I do not know the consequences, but, for now, I want to travel, explore and live close to the nature somewhere in the mountain for a month or so before I write the first chapter of my book of life!