When life starts with a happy song,
there’s a family smiling all along.

While we are young and wanna play,
there is peace in the night,
and a carefree day.

When my friends rode my bicycle,
such was a joyful childhood.
But, fate broke my dreamhood,
and unfolded the life cycle.

When you grow up,
you want to become someone,
But, life has its game to play,
and you lose a dear someone!

The happy song hits a long pause,
and the life inside suddenly shudders,
Maybe, no one will every know the cause,
that why my every step stutters.

After all my goods,
I stand stranded in the woods,
with only dark clouds above in sight,
I cannot see even a ray of light.

Once a rainbow,
now a shadow,
Is it the will of life ?
to sack in, only the sorrow.

But, how much the life be tragic,
there’s no greater power,
than a beautiful magic.

We all have old bruises,
and some ugly scratches,
some choose to rise above them,
like a Pheonix from its ashes.

So, the best of ones, don’t really die,
a fire sets us free, only to fly.
To be remembered as a story,
It’s all about our glory.

The dreams may turn beautiful,
as they seem to be,
When the will is faithfull,
a fighter it used to be.
It’s not about the scope,
One can always
conquer the globe,
as long as there is,
a Hope. . . . !!!

~Kabir Malik

19th Sept, 2015image