Dark Side!


Those lonely days,
cannot be caged.
After some thunder,
it only rains.

One fine day,
while it was dark,
it thundered and it rained.

It was you,
I had no clue.
Everything went so pure,
you had my cure.
It was my life,
and I was never so sure.

My world was painted new,
And no such time,
or nor any dime,
Could value this bond,
that gradually grew.

I did not play any tricks,
went on to following my instincts.
And then,
I got tangled in those pricky strings.

A later in time,
I felt my goal.
I have to ultimately,
Meet thy soul.

I entered a new portal,
where I met my immortal.
I was the ship now,
trapped in a bottle.

Not your love, but that warmth,
was a poison,
which concealed my thoughts,
and healed my heart.
But, broke upon its wrath.

Like a joker on a card,
your wicked grin,
haunted the backyard.

Slowly, the time pendulamed,
and divided me into two.
One side suddenly doomed,
while the other falsely bloomed.

You were my soulmate,
a witch in a queen’s dress
It was a checkmate,
without a game of chess.

You shattered the boy,
who was a lovely joy.
It scattered the pain,
but nothing went in vain.

I became numb,
but did not succumb,
which made me vulnerable,
to my feelings that turned fable.

Those clouds that poured rain,
never made a rainbow,
It was lonely and dark,
like a night with a scarecrow.

Things come to an end,
to those in time do not bend.
Now, take off your mask,
is all that I ask.
It was not your dark disguise,
I fell in love with your,
Dark Side. . . !!!

~Kabir Malik
13th Sept, 2015