wow soul

I started to grow dull,
everything I did, went null.
restlessness now rested in my skull,
all my heart wanted now,
was a soothing lull.

Day in, night out.
Dark thoughts,
I used to fight out.

Each day,
and another bay,
dreams turn gray
on the edge of slay.

Yet, I rise on another day,
strong as a spine,
and hoping to shine,
like a beautiful smile.
this time will be mine.

Like the floating clouds on a hill,
a piece of paper and a quill,
I have finally found peace,
in an old vested skill.

The thoughts now flow around,
like a violin plays at a distant sound.
a beautiful aura that surrounds,
my soul is now finally free,
from all the bounds.

A new journey has begun,
like a song I have never sung.
where, on such ways,
on some days,
I find other souls,
who reflect my goals.
with compassion and love as their jewel,
they give me,
My fuel. . . !!!

~ Kabir Malik,
10 th Sept, 2015