India has always been a fascinating land of Gods and different people from varied cultures have worshiped their Gods in endless ways over the centuries, which is intriguing.

But, the thought which crossed my mind today is how the trend and methods have evolved overtime in the name of religion and God.
Like, for example, considering today’s scenario on Lord Shiva’s MAHA SHIVRATRI, people/Kavard (कावड़) follow this certain belief and religious practice of bringing Jal (जल) from Haridwar (हरिद्वार). They literally rule the road in the name of this religious practice and demonstrate a low-class attitude (most of them) throughout their journey or a better word for them, vacation!
They take advantage of their majority on the road and hence, do not follow a single rule of traffic or act decently. To name a few of their acts, which can be commonly observed are: 
-Over-speeding with tripling on bikes and without helmet.
-Breaking signals and moving in the wrong direction of the road even on heavy vehicles.
-Openly doing drugs.
-Honking insanely.
-Using Loudspeakers.
-Blocking and occupying half of the road.
-Jamming Traffic.

We all are aware of the traffic system in Delhi and these days when कावड़’s who are dressed up in gothic clothes and ghost masks take charge of the road, it can only be assumed how ruthless the situation can get for the common man.
In some cases, ambulance, Police Control Room, fire brigade, government vehicles and other vehicles moving in the state of emergency suffer too. Perhaps, some people lose their lives too.
There are some situations where these so called innocent भक्तs and पुजारीs of Lord Shiva even hit people if anything against them happens by mistake. Not just they hit them brutally but, also smash their vehicles and burn them! Sometimes, people succumb to their injuries.

The people involved in these barbaric acts are mostly spoiled youngsters from backward classes, unemployed and undignified people, drug and alcohol addicts and other uneducated people and adolescents.

Another important factor that I observed is that these people are fully supported by different organisations, societies and local bodies which provide food, shelter, aid and perhaps drugs to these people for their personal gains in the society. This is what makes their vacation happen.

Also, what I am thinking here is that how year by year our democratic government let this happen.

How they use such majorities for their political benefits by comforting them and sheltering them all along their route.

How year by year nuisance is carried by them on the road while the notorious lot enjoy the 10-day vacation.

What I am thinking here is that does Lord Shiva approve of this?
Does Lord Shiva gets happy by all this?
Does this Lord, knows as The Destroyer enjoys this destruction?
Will this always prevail, and will our country and its people develop like this? 

Is this where we are heading and will religion continue to blind and frighten people ?

Questions, that do not have answers.
Hopes, that are lame.
People that go berserk.
That’s all what ‘THE’ Religion is here.