The Boy Who Lived On. . .

The Boy Who Lived On. . .

The Memories Spring Back to Life!

( I wrote this piece of work when the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series released. A thought flashed by that it was an end to ‘The’ Harry Potter world and I found myself surrounded by nostalgia.

This is my first written work which I wrote almost 4 years back out of nowhere and in a flash.

It is a tribute to J.K. Rowling from my side for making my childhood Magical and Creative.

P.S. – A good start with WordPress)

A small kid was I then,
And somehow entered this Diagon Alley.

How, but, what, where, when,
Was all I could think of Barely.

Introduced was I to this Magical world,
And then, I started living all time in this parallel world.

Harry, Hermoine or Weasley,
We all fell in love with them easily.

Pens or pencils became our wand,
Every spell’s name on my fingertips was all I want.

The first time I saw Hogwarts Express,
And what I felt became Impossible to express.

With all that Scar staring and talks,
Now, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft & Wizardary was my new whereabouts.

Entered i this lavishing hall,
Where this Magical Hat,

Was throwing all,
Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor,
All I knew was, now I had this new door.

Shifting staircases,
Floating Ghosts,
All were like jaw droppers
And eye poppers.

With now 7 years to live by,
NO, these were those last 7 years I lived by.

Born I was to play Quidditch,
What if I lost all the bones in my arm.

Bravo! I caught that fluttering Snitch,
what it takes is all the magic of the palm.

Marauderer’s Map or Invisibility Cloak,
I dreamed of having them both.

Whether it was O.W.L.’s or Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test,
There was always Fishy happening somewhere rest.

But, never I thought ‘TOM MORVOLO RIDDLE’
Will become ‘LORD VOLDEMORT’.
Leaving my wizard friends to a dark remorse.

Magical CHARMS to
Had got it all
To defeat the Dark Lord in the last part.

Sirius Black or Dumbledore,
I wish they could have stayed some more.

Ages I have been into this world.
Hagrid was just not an imaginary half- giant,

But a whole new world.
Duels, Voldemort or Horecrux,

Now Muggles will always miss them
Is the whole new Crux.

Because, this was not just about
The boy named “HARRY POTTER”
It was like a ride to a new world,
On an adventurous chopper.

So, all these memories passes by
Now, its hard to say bye bye,

Not to the boy who lived,
But, to the Boy Who Lived On. . . !!!