Life is to Travel … To Travel is to Life!!!

A few days back, my dearest cousin, with whom I share a great connection, gifted me the most thought-out gift ever – a fountain pen and a travel diary. What could have been… Continue reading


(This particular poem is very special to me and so is this title. This poem is a reflection of my thoughts on the life I want to choose and live. This happened after… Continue reading

Age Old Friendship

“ताउम्र मिसालें दी मैंने, तुमने इस नायाब दोस्ती की.. ये वक्त की बंदिशें हैं, जो आज इस छड़ी तले दबी है मेरी बेबसी .. – तुम अस्पताल का बिस्तर छोड़ जल्दी घर आ… Continue reading

Fountain Of Youth

“Heightened transparency of my character invaded the hollowness I propagated out of a tainted marriage. Of my belief in loyalty, I sipped poison from the Fountain of Youth to restore bygones of chasm,… Continue reading

Lost Treasure

Accustomed to pain, lies a past in dreads of destiny Lost in subtle metaphor resides my agony, hopes afar.  Adjourning my confined fears, procuring the abandoned strength, I long for a treasured happiness .… Continue reading


Murder. A few slayed dreams, lie on my bed. Those wrinkled sheets — the evidence of their death. – Kabir Malik ©/16.10.2016

चंद लफ्ज़, कुछ शायरी (सन- 2015 – पहला साल)

1.  “क्या मिला तुझे इन आँखों में झाँक के यह वो झरोखे हैं, जो बयान करते हैं, बताते नहीं.”   2. “उसने आँखों में धूल भी इतनी सफाई से झोंकी, ना आँखें नम हुई, ना आँखें बंद हुई”     3. “मेरी हर एक चीज़ में तू समाया है, सोचता हूँ, तूने मुझे, या मैंने तुझे बनाया है”     4. कभी किसी… Continue reading

अब कैसे कह दूं . . .

“अब कैसे कह दूं मैं ज़िन्दगी जी गया, सुनहरे उस प्याले में ज़हर मैं पी गया. . .” – Kabir Malik ©/ 2016

खुद ही में खुद . . .

“खुद ही में खुद एक अँधेरा हूँ मैं, उन कुछ रातों में एक बसेरा हूँ मैं. . .” – Kabir Malik ©/ 2016


Subconsciously, she penetrated my innocence, excavated my feelings, poured her poison in my blood, And set ablaze my fantasies. While she performed her catastrophic ceremonies, I married her soul . . . –… Continue reading